The Original Organic Pet Bed Cover!

Most pet owners agree that they love their dogs they want them to live forever. That’s why eco-conscious pet lovers are choosing us to avoid the off-gassing chemicals and fire retardants that come with inexpensive store-bought dog beds. They also want to take a pro-active stance in their pets longevity. We are proud to provide superior organic dog beds for pets, made in the USA. We have highlighted the best attributes below so that you may learn more about our organic dog bedding.

Rough Collie on a Kapok Baby bed.
  1. Durability. The outer dog bed covers are constructed of heavy-weight, tightly-woven 100% organic cotton canvas that lasts for years.  Customers are reporting 6 years and running on their original beds. Besides, we liken it to having an old, favorite pair of jeans that just keeps getting softer and softer.  Now that’s good news!
  2.  Our Dog Bed Covers Are Easy to Clean. The outer canvas dog bed cover can easily be removed by unzipping the heavy gauge brass zipper, running the length of the bed.  Simply unzip the cover, pull out the inner pillow and run the cover in your washing machine and dryer like you would any garment. (Although, hang drying is always ideal, if possible.)
  3. Dogs Love Them. Through testing, first-hand experience and customer feedback, we know that this product is worth every penny.  Once your dog gets one of these he or she will never choose another one over this again.  Read their body language, animals prefer sleeping on a bed that is free of hazardous irritants and static electricity shocks.  Click here to read customer testimonials.
  4. The Fabric. We love that our canvas is such a tight weave that SAND shakes right off!!  Our coastal customers can’t get enough of these easy-care dog beds.
  5. Temperature Control. The organic materials used in our dog beds do not generate heat like synthetic materials do.

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Say Goodbye to Synthetic Fabric!
Most commercial pet beds found in the stores are cushioned with synthetic foam made from many toxic chemicals! And, if you live in California, household foam products made before January 1, 2015, are drenched in cancerous fire retardants – previously required by law. These highly toxic chemicals break down over time and become airborne where you pet can easily breathe them in.  This is especially worrisome since pets sleep (and rest) in their beds for many hours a day.  Pet breeders are big fans of Kapok Babies products because they know that puppies and kittens are far more sensitive to the chemicals found in synthetic foam, fabrics and pads. Since animals may sleep from 8 – 14 hours per day, why not protect your beloved pets from breathing harmful chemical fumes while they sleep?

Made in America, this is a sustainable product.

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