How to take care of your Organic Dog Bed Covers

To keep your pet most comfortable, fluff the bed periodically to break up the filling and keep the loft even.

Organic Dog Bed Covers Cleaning Instructions

  1. Vacuum the Cover: We recommend a good vacuuming about once a week. Use your vacuum hose and an upholstery attachment. Focus primarily on the sleeping surface, but make sure to remove dust and fur from the entire cover. Also, make sure you get as much pet hair as possible off before each washing. Pet hair will stick to the wet fabric in the washing machine, so removing the fur beforehand will help you get a cleaner pet bed.
  2. Remove the Cover: These covers are removable to make washing easier.
  3. Wash the Cover: Load the bed cover into your washing machine and wash it in COLD water to safeguard the wool fabric. Animals are sensitive to chemicals, so we recommend a mild detergent to prevent irritation. We recommend using white vinegar or a very small amount of Castile Soap. If desired, you can hand wash it in a tub using warm-hot water and mild detergent. Make sure to thoroughly rinse all detergent from the bed before drying.
  4. Dry the Cover: We recommend that you hang the cover outside on a warm day to air dry. You may also hang dry the cover indoors, just make sure to hang it in a warm, well ventilated area so as to prevent mildew or mold from growing.
Made in America, this is a sustainable product.

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