Customer Testimonials

Not only do we believe in the quality of our products, but our customer testimonials offer proof as well…

A photo of my dog Penny resting in her new dog bed from our customer testimonials.

“I adopted Penny from a shelter so I wondered how she would react to her new bed when I brought her home. She immediately knew it was her bed and always goes to it when we arrive home. It’s amazing how she knows and loves to sleep on it instead of trying to get on my furniture. Thank you for making such a ‘granola-head’ dog bed Kapok Babies! My husband and I love how it fits perfectly in her crate, it’s easy to wash and light weight.” – Diane Harrison

My dog Buckley sleeping on his new pet bed.

“I love the bed and so does Buckley. It’s overstuffed which I consider a good thing. Well constructed and the aesthetic appeal is spot on. Great bed.”
– Jeremy Shockley, Tuscon, AZ

Gemmy a black Russian Terrier on her new red Kapok bed from our customer testimonials.

If my new dog, Gemmy, a black Russian Terrier could speak, she would praise the benefits of her Kapok organic dog bed. When she entered our bedroom for the first time, she could choose between several dog beds. We already have three dogs and therefore we have beds for all of them. Without hesitation Gemmy picked the Kapok bed and declared it her own since then. She loves it and even though she is a really big dog, the bed is big enough to give her comfort. She also sleeps like a ‘baby’, not snoring, not restless but super relaxed and calm. The fabric of the bed is easy to clean and it seems like that the bed is comfy and cozy.- Hertha Arend

Our dog Tashi loved the bed and went right to it.

Our dog Tashi loved the bed and went right to it.- Jacqueline Mann

Stinson laying on a blue Kapok bed.

Our dog is SO happy. We have been trying to find an organic / sustainable bed for a while now and we are so happy we found Kapok Babies. She slept right on it as soon as we opened the package!- Taylor Murphy

Scotchy on his new bed.

Our Scotchy is a chewer, so I was worried. I was surprised when he didn’t, but don’t think he could’ve chewed it even if he tried. It’s a very durable fabric. He threw up on it once but it was super easy to take off the cover and throw in the wash. You made a great dog bed!- Tricia Gordon

We got this bed because of our dog Anna’s allergies.  She took to it right away and has not been scratching herself since.  We highly recommend Kapok Babies dog beds for anyone who loves their pets!- Laura Barnett

We’ve bought beds for our cats before and we’ve found that they just don’t care to use them, so I was really surprised to see them taking turns lounging and sleeping on our new Kapok Babies bed. I believe that the difference is the natural Kapok fiber filling and organic covering. I think they like it so much because it helps them to stay cool, since they don’t seem to like their bellies to get hot. The cover washes well too! Thanks for offering a great product.- Barbara Stuller

(and our five cats!)

Orange Kitty Testimonial
Happy Tabby Testimonial
Tuxedo Cat Testimonial

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